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Our Mission

The League of Women Voters, a non-partisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. All phone numbers on this site are for area code 941 unless otherwise indicated.  Visit us on  facebook.   


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We invite you to learn more about current issues, talk with experts and decision makers, and enjoy meeting others at these interesting events.

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It’s Election time!  Our League is working to ensure that all qualified citizens in Manatee County are registered to vote, and understand the choices before them.  

Scroll down to visit our Voter Information Center.

Two-part series:  The Florida Constitutional Amendments to be on the Ballot in November


The Truth About MarijuanaMonday, September 15:  Amendment 2:  Legalizing Medical Marijuana.  12 noon to 1:00 pm. Bradenton Woman’s Club, 1705 Manatee Ave W. 

This proposed ballot amendment would permit the regulated dispensation of marijuana for medical conditions.  Those in favor say it is medically necessary to treat symptoms and pain. Those opposed say getting medical marijuana will be too easy, and the amendment will lead to abuse. Speaking in favor of the amendment will be Vanessa Moffett of United for Care; in opposition will be Dr. Jessica Spencer of Vote No on Two.  Doors open at 11:30 am for a light lunch and social time. For more information, call 729-9248.

                                 Did you miss it?  Watch it now at:  METV YouTube.


https://sp2.yimg.com/ib/th?id=HN.607992577010305166&pid=15.1Monday, October 13:  Amendment 1: Florida Water & Land Conservation. Amendment 3: Judicial Appointments.  12 noon to 1:00 pm. Bradenton Woman’s Club, 1705 Manatee Ave W.

Presentations and discussion of two amendments to be on the ballot.

Amendment 1 would dedicate state funds to conserve, manage and restore natural systems and enhance recreational use of conservation lands.  Representatives of both sides of the issue will present their views. 

Amendment 3 would allow the governor to make prospective judicial appointments before a judge has reached the end of his or her term. 


Doors open at 11:30 am for a light lunch and social time. For more information, call 729-9248.




https://sp1.yimg.com/ib/th?id=HN.608022315368514749&pid=15.1Monday, November 10:  The Future of Climate Policy:  Needs, Options and Realities. 12 noon to 1:00 pm. Bradenton Woman’s Club, 1705 Manatee Ave W.


There is a scientific consensus on global warming, but uncertainty about potential effects, how fast it is occurring, and what can be done about it.  In light of political and economic realities, what can be done to diversify our energy sources and prevent serious harm to our planet? 

Speaking to these issues will be Dr. Frank Alcock, Associate Professor of Political Science, New College of Florida.  Doors open at 11:30 am for a light lunch and social time. For more information, call 729-9248.



All LWV Hot Topic programs are open to the general public and free of charge.  Missed one?  No problem.  Just go onto Manatee Educational TV’s website—http://metvweb.com/—for their schedule of showings, or click on their YouTube link to watch our Hot Topics online.  Have an idea for a Hot Topic you would like us to offer?  Email lwvmanatee@yahoo.com, or call 729-9248. 


http://ts4.mm.bing.net/th?id=I.4611558687572787&pid=15.1Thursday, November 20:  We invite all newly elected and re-elected officials serving the citizens of Manatee County, and the general public to a Meet and Greet at Soma Creekside Restaurant, 1401 Manatee Ave. West, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  We will be collaborating with other community organizations to make this a major event!                   

Meet your new officials at city, county and state levels, while enjoying appetizers, music, and beverages (cash bar).  Admission is $20.  Walk-ins also allowed, space permitting. Make your reservation now.  See flyer at: Meet & Greet.


LWV Speaker’s Bureau:  Do you belong to a club that hosts guest speakers?  We now have a League Speakers Bureau, and can supply your group with practiced speakers with powerpoint slide programs on a variety of topics.  We currently offer the informational program, the Affordable Care Act; for more information, call 782-4530.  Other speaker programs of interest are the Importance of Voter Participation; Proposed Ballot Amendments, 2014; Charter Governmentan option for Manatee County; and the Work of the League of Women Voters.  Call 729-9248 for more information.




Elections 2014



Election Date

Last day to register

General Election

November 4, 2014

October 6, 2014


Don’t miss the General Election!  Know before you vote!  Study the candidates and issues.  Attend debates and forums; read up on the candidates. 


Debates:  Watch the debates online on METV’s YouTube link:  METV Debates. 


Voters Guides:  Click here for our LWV of Manatee County Voters Guide to Candidates in the General Election  Featuring the background and viewpoints of candidates to appear on the ballot in Manatee County.  Print copies are available for public distribution at county libraries and civic offices.  If you would like a supply for your community center, call 729-9248.  New!  Voters Guide to the Fire District Elections in Manatee County.

Also online are the Herald Tribune’s Voter Guide to candidates in both Manatee and Sarasota Counties and the Bradenton Times Vote 2014 Guide.

Be a regular visitor to the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections website, Local Candidates and Committees, containing candidate information and listing of their campaign contributions and expenditures.

For state-level offices see the Florida Division of Elections website.


New!  The League of Women Voters of Florida Voters Guide to the General Election.  Featuring information on the statewide offices on the November 4 ballot, such as the Governor and State Cabinet members, and also the Constitutional Amendments: 

All About the Amendments. There will be three on the Nov. 4 ballot, dealing with environmental conservation, medical marijuana and the method of making judicial appointments.  Simple and to the point, the LWVF Voters Guide explains what they say and what they will change.  Additional information about them is at:  Florida Division of Elections guide; and Ballotpedia (click on the amendment number for information).  The League of Women Voters of Florida has taken positions on the amendments, viewable at LWVF positions.


Be ready to vote!  The League of Women Voters of Manatee County wants to remind voters to contact the county Supervisor of Elections Office to verify their status, especially if they have relocated from another county, changed their name or signature, or want to vote by mail (absentee ballot).  Under Florida law, voters must be registered properly at least 29 days prior to an election. 

For more information, visit the League’s Be Ready to Vote website, www.BeReadyToVote.org.





Citizen action:  Get involved!  Your job as a citizen does not end after the election.  Keep in contact your elected officials.  Let them know what you think. 

Download our Citizen’s Guide to Elected Officials for contact information (to be revised after election).





See our latest newsletter: The Manatee Voter




Volunteers Needed

Develop skills and enjoy personal satisfaction while making a difference in our community. The opportunities are limitless.


  • Distributing voter guides.
  • Voter Registration
  • Fundraising
  • Committee work
  • Staffing booths at events.
  • Issue studies--study government issues and make recommendations to decision makers.
  • Creating attractive and interesting educational materials.
  • Website design
  • Expanding our outreach efforts.
  • Publicity
  • Voter education
  • Coordinating our efforts with other community groups.

If you are interested, please call 729-9248.


Join the League of Women Voters Voter Registration Team!


008It’s easy as 1 – 2 – 3!


1.    Join the League.  If not yet a member of the League, join by filling out the membership application below and sending it in.

2.    Get the training.  Go to:  www.thefloridavoter.org/for-members/voter-registration; Click on Watch the League’s Online Voter

            Registration Training.

3.    Take the Quiz.  After completing the training, take the League’s 10-question quiz.


After successfully completing the quiz, you will receive an email confirming that you are certified to do voter registration for the LWV and the code no. to use on the forms.  Email us at lwvmanatee@yahoo.com, to let us know you are on the team!


(Photo:  Team member Gail Levin helping students register at an LWV VR drive at the State College of Florida)



The League of Women Voters celebrated its 93nd birthday this year. As the League honored the years of work its members accomplished, it is also looking to the future. League members will continue their commitment to improving communities across the country. As a nonpartisan political organization with over 850 local and state affiliates, the League is one of America's largest and most trusted organizations.

As we celebrate the difference we have made over the years, we remain focused on the future, working to keep Manatee County strong, healthy and vibrant. This year, the League remains committed to our mission to educate and engage members of the community in their government.

The LWV of Manatee County has an active agenda this year. Our members work toward our goals every day by reaching out to new citizens and first-time voters, protecting our natural resources, improving our election systems and holding public forums on important government issues.

We are:

·         Empowering millions of voters to protect their right to vote

·         Providing nonpartisan education and candidate debates.

·         Working to ensure that ALL votes are counted and all voices are heard

·         Preserving our constitutional rights by safeguarding civil liberties.

·         Acting as a force for positive change in our communities and in our democracy

·         We believe that sensible, responsible, civil discourse and action based on substance, rather than partisan battles is essential if we are to avoid polarization and get something done.

Join us and be part of the solution!  Become a member.

Please fill out and mail this application.  Membership is open to men and women of all ages. The League does not support or oppose individual candidates. 

If you would prefer to use a credit card, use this link to join using PayPal. 



Please help us to help the voters.  Your contribution will provide important support for our work.  Please send your gift to:

LWV Manatee
P.O. Box 545
Bradenton, FL 34206


Telephone: (941) 744-9692

Email:  lwvmanatee@yahoo.com




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