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Write your representatives in Washington!

Write your representatives in Washington!

The White House

US Presidents

The Supreme Court

Florida Legislature

State Agencies














Be an active citizen—your voice can make a difference!


Download our revised and updated:  Citizens’ Guide to Elected Officials. 

It contains contact information for elected representatives who serve citizens of Manatee County at the federal, state, and local levels—

addresses, phone numbers, emails and websites—for every office holder from the President to town commissioner.


How to be effective:




·        Get in contact! 

·        The most effective means of contact generally are in this order: personal office visit; letter mail; telephone call; email. But any of those choices are better than not making contact at all.

·        Let government officials know when you agree with them, not just when you disagree.  Thank them when they've done something positive.

·        Be brief and to the point; discuss only one issue, and include a bill or ordinance reference if possible

·        Clearly express your opinions or ideas.

·        Use your own words to express your opinion—they are more effective than form letters

·        Include your address and signature

·        Be courteous and reasonable

·        Make contact early, before a bill or other action has been introduced, or if you have ideas about an issue you would like to see incorporated in legislation

·        Contact the chair and members of a committee holding hearings on legislation in which you are interested

·        Attend the hearings and voice your views. Respect any time limits.

·        While you have more influence with the representative from your own district, you are not precluded from contacting representatives from other districts

·        Contact each government official individually; it’s courteous and more effective

·        Volunteer for citizen advisory committees.


·        Apologize for contacting them—your opinion is not an imposition, and your representative is elected in part to hear your views

·        Begin on the righteous note of “as a citizen and taxpayer” or similar verbiage.

·        Be vague

·        Be rude or threatening













Take part in government !


Any questions?  Contact us.


LWV of Manatee County
P.O. Box 545
Bradenton, FL 34206


Telephone: (941) 744-9692

Email: lwvmanatee@yahoo.com


Last updated December 28, 2018

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