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Committee work is one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences many of us have as League members.  Some committees study issues relating to their subject areas, conduct activities and recommend position-taking.  Others help our League grow.  Listed below are our committees, with a few examples of what they do. 

Additional committees may be formed by volunteers interested in a community issue.  Contact email: lwvmanatee@yahoo.com. 



COMMUNICATIONS:  Members of this committee help us communicate with our members and the entire community with newsletters and announcements.  They may also maintain and improve our website and Facebook page, maintain group email lists.  Develop ppt programs, displays, flyers and handouts.  Staff information booths at events.



EDUCATION:  Conduct studies on educational issues and organize public information programs.  Make recommendations for a strong and high quality public school system, affordable pre-school education, and encourage the growth of higher education in Manatee County.  Chair:  Merrie Lynn Parker, (941) 792-8314, ml.chickp@verizon.net


GOVERNMENT: Make recommendations for improvements in the operation of government and its agencies.  Monitor government practices for ethics/sunshine law.  Advocate for public participation.  Hold informational programs on issues.  Attend government meetings and speak on behalf of our League.


GROWTH ISSUES:  Monitor growth issues; study county and local government comprehensive planning and make recommendations on plans, rules, and specific projects before the boards.  


HEALTH CARE:  Research and recommend policies and practices that improve access to quality health care to all citizens of Manatee County, including preventative care, and encouraging healthy lifestyles.  Participate in local collaborative efforts. 



salestax3HOT TOPICS:  Part of our educational efforts are our public information programs we call Hot Topics. These programs delve into many major issues, with excellent speakers who provide information and promote understanding.  They are held at the Bradenton Woman's Club, 1725 Manatee Ave W., on the 2nd Monday of January thru March, and September thru November from 12 noon to 1:00 pm.   

Our programs are free of charge, except for the optional buffet luncheon that begins at 11:30 am, for which we ask a $5 donation.





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MEMBERSHIP:  Our Membership Committee encourages community members to join the League, and take part in our activities.  Plan membership drives and conduct outreach activities.  Educate citizens about the League and the importance of its work.  Maintain membership rolls.  Chair: Holly Lutz, (518) 365-0648, hknlutz@gmail.com

All members are encouraged to attend our board meetings and activities.  We are very pleased with the number of new members this year, and their enthusiasm for our projects.

The more members we have, the more we can accomplish.   Join today!   Membership form.


NATURAL RESOURCES COMMITTEE:  Manatee County's environment is the cornerstone of our health, economy and enjoyment of living in Manatee County.  Committee members work to protect and improve and protect our natural resources such as water, wetlands, mangroves and seagrasses.  We also promote land preservation for wildlife and recreation, and expansion of clean energy.  Chair: Steven Murphy, (352) 870-1798, stevenjmurphy@me.com



Facebook:   A few years ago we launched our league into social media with Facebook full of news, photos, info and commentaries.  It's getting lots of looks and likes. Many thanks to members Ashley Brown and Amanda Horne for getting it up and running, and Alice and Charlene for keeping it posted and lively.  Check it out at LWV Manatee Facebook.


http://indiebookmarketingcommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Speaker-Cartoon1.jpgSpeaker’s Bureau: This service is currently available to community groups that would like speakers on a variety of topics.  Speakers with powerpoint programs are currently available for the following topics:

·       The League of Women Voters:  “Making democracy work”: our history, what we stand for, what we do, and how we do it. 

·       Charter Government:  A better, more flexible form of government, enjoyed by 75% of Florida's population.  Learn about what it changes, and how we can get it for Manatee County.

·       Young Voters--Why they need to Register and Vote.   Why your vote matters.

·       Additional talks by our Committee chairs.  Call 941-729-9248 to book a presentation


SOCIAL ISSUES:  Members work on social issues affecting the citizens of Manatee County, e.g., diversity, homelessness, poverty, jobs, crime, drug addiction, teen pregnancy.  Collaborate with other community organizations to achieve goals.



Our largest and most active committee.  Given our strong commitment to voter education and participation, our League does everything we can to help educate voters and encourage a high turnout. Our volunteers do an amazing job.  To sign up, contact: Carolyn Sheets, (941) 727-1979, car2guy7911@gmail.com


Some of our election activities:

Candidate forums: We collaborate with other organizations in holding a series of timed debates for candidates for national, state, county and city elections.       

Voter guides: Our Voters Guides present nonpartisan information on candidates and ballot initiatives. We distribute many thousands of LWV election guides for both the primary and general elections, to public libraries, civic offices and community centers. These have been invaluable to the voters in making their decisions.  The Supervisor of Elections Office tells us, "They're going like hot cakes".  We also post our guides on our website, and the state LWV "Be Ready to Vote" website.  We thank M&M Printing for their excellent work with our printed local guides.

Amendment talks:  The state constitutional amendments on the general election ballot include amendment proposals. Amendments can be controversial and confusing. We will clear the air by holding Hot Topics on the amendments and other referenda, with pro and con speakers. We will also give talks to community organizations to explain what these amendments say and what they would change. 


VR LWR2018-2Voter registration:  Our VR team goes all over the county registering young people at high schools, colleges, as well as at a number of community events.  Many thanks to our volunteers who help bring new voters to the polls.  This spring we registered over 400 students at a series of high school VRs, collaborating  with the Manatee County Chamber of Commerce and Supervisor of Elections office.


Voter information Center: To reach even more voters with our election information, we assemble all the nonpartisan information in one place—on our website. We include links to our guides, as well as links to METV programs and other nonpartisan sites with information on candidates and issues—a one-stop shopping center for voting information. It proves to be a big hit with the users and certainly extends our informational reach.   


Telephone help:  Our telephone gets a lot of use during elections, with voters calling for information and explanation.  Last election we handled several hundred calls, many of them about the amendments.  The callers really appreciated help with understanding what the amendments say and what they would change.  "Why do they make them so hard to understand?," they ask.  Our state league wades through the legal lingo, and comes up with understandable explanations.


Here’s one phone comment we received last November that summed it up well:

 Thank you for helping me.  I don’t know what I would have done without your information.”    


Volunteer for a Committee! 

We want to do more, and we need you!  For more information, download our Committee Information Form or call 729-9248; or email lwvmanatee@yahoo.com



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Last updated:  Dec. 24, 2018