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History of the Manatee County, FL League of Women Voters

https://tse2.mm.bing.net/th?id=OIP.myRojcYnpOXfC7oPNSZZjwHaEo&pid=15.1&P=0&w=267&h=168In July 1959, a group of community-minded women decided to form the League of Women Voters of Manatee County. They applied for a charter as a Provisional League and received official approval in April 1960.

Workshops were conducted to familiarize the members with their county.  The Provisional League studied the functions of the county commission, the county departments, library improvement, the hospital, sanitation, local tax structures, slum clearance, community planning, care of needy children, and the availability of culture and recreation in Manatee County. These programs led to the publication of the first Know Manatee County, the prerequisite for admission as a full-fledged League.

This status was acquired in May, 1962, and permitted study of national, state and local issues and problems. The new League chose to work on voters service and membership; and decided to study The United Nations and Foreign Economic Policy (national), apportionment (state), and home rule (local).

Presidents of the Manatee LWV:

1960-62      Eve Socolof

1962-64      Mary Lou Warfield

1964-65      Dawn Duncan

1965-67      Martha Farnam

1967-69      Jane Kossa

1969-71      Dorothy Arnold

1971-73      Mary Blackburn

1973-75      Marjory Peters

1975-76      Jane Kossa

1976-78      Marion Woernle

1978-80      June Isbell

1980-83      Nan Russell

1983-87      Barbara Talburtt

1987-90      Thelma Ryan

1990-91      Barbara Zdravecky & Tomara Kafka

1991-93      Emily Putnal

1993-95      Barbara Talburtt

1995           Lucille Normandin

1995-99      Jeanne Jochens

1999-2001 Jean Van Delft 

2001-2003   Nancy Horne

2003-2006  Peg McGarity

2006-2007   Catherine Offenhauer

2007-2009  Valerie Fisher

2009-2010  Hannah Honeyman &  Nancy Horne

2010-2013    Rosalie Shaffer

2013-2014    Lee Pflueger

2014 -          Rosalie Shaffer



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