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Write your representatives in Washington!

Write your representatives in Washington!

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President's Message 


Cruise shotWorking to make democracy work better!


First of all, thanks to all our members who renewed this year and to our new members for joining.  We are very pleased with the growth in our membership this year. Also, many these new members not only join to support what we do; they want to be active, especially in voter registration and voter education.  This growth shows that citizens are realizing that they can make a difference.


Together with our dedicated and talented board, we have a great team, doing what we do best--improve citizen education and participation in government. 

It's an election year, so our League has hit the ground running, with voter registration, nonpartisan voters guides, and educational programs about voting and the amendments to be on the ballot.


We are one of the few local Leagues that put out a voter's guide for the primary election, featuring candidates for local offices and their responses to our questionnaire. You can easily compare one candidate with another.  This guide hit the streets on July 28, and they are going like hot cakes.  You can pick up a print copy at local libraries, the Supervisor of Elections Office, city and county offices and senior citizen communities, or just download it from this website.       


Vote in the August 28 primary!  Primary elections are important.  Some offices are settled then, such as the School Board. Others determine which candidate will advance to the general election.  Confused by the amendments?  Do use our LWV of Florida guide, posted on this website.  You can also attend one of the scheduled talks about them.  See our calendar for dates and locations.



In League,

Rosalie Shaffer


Meet the new leader of our national LWV:


Dear Members,


When I think about the history of this organization, I am proud to see so many women running for political office this year. And I want you to know that I am committed to our mission today:  Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.


Part of my motivation for taking this position is to provide women with an opportunity to be heard, especially those who are often overlooked. I want young women to know that there’s no one way to achieve their aspirations. Everyone’s path is different.  You see, I did not have a traditional path to executive leadership.  I was a teen mom. It took me eight years to finish my college degree, while juggling two jobs and raising my sons.


As an American, I’ve always believed that America is great, but that we’re on a continuing journey as a country to become even better with each generation that passes. What drew me to the League was its commitment to creating that more perfect democracy and its renewed commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


At a time when division and hatred threaten the fabric of our society, the League welcomes all people, regardless of background, to play a part in this great democracy.

Because every vote matters—and we are all equal at the ballot box.  Thanks for trusting in me. We are going to do great things together!


Virginia Kase
CEO, League of Women Voters of the United States






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Updated August 9, 2018


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