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President's Message 


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First of all, thanks to all our members who renewed this year and to our new members for joining.  Our membership has increased, and the more members we have, the more we can do.  Whether you plan to attend our events, work on committees, or simply want to give us your support, your membership helps make us stronger.  This being an election off-year, our efforts are concentrated on studying issues, advocacy and projects.    


We've been busy with several major projects:  1. Solar energy.  Alice Newlon, our board Secretary and Chair of the Natural Resources Committee has started an effort to create a Solar Co-op in Manatee County.  She is helped by many citizens from other organizations and communities, in creating a pathway for affordable installation, lower costs, and most of all, reducing carbon emissions that cause climate change.  

2.  Environmental protection.  Alice also led our effort to oppose the Aqua by the Bay proposal to build a series of high rises on Sarasota Bay, which would have major environmental impacts and would violate many of our county's comprehensive plan restrictions. While the project was approved, due to our, and many other organization and individual citizen objections, some features were disallowed, and stipulations were added to the plan to make it less damaging.

3. Charter Government.  We've been working since 1985 on having Manatee County become a charter county.  We are currently collaborating with other groups on a petition drive to force the county to start this process.  Why are we one of the very few counties our size that still doesn't have this option for a better, more flexible government?

4. Voting Rights Restoration. No one should be denied their right to vote for the rest of their lives because they made a mistake in their youth.  We join with many others to call for a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights after all terms of sentencing and probation are fulfilled. 

5. Our continuing activities:  Voter registration and Public Education.  We engage the community not only to register to vote, but to become active citizens--learning about the issues, contacting their legislators, and most of all--turning out for EVERY election.


Thanks to all our members who attended the Women's Equity Day event in August at the Polo Grille. We had a great turnout. This annual event does much to inspire women and to celebrate their accomplishments.  If you missed it, think about attending the next one in August 2018.  Thanks for all your support. 



In League,


Rosalie Shaffer

Any questions?  Feel free to contact me at lwvmanatee@yahoo.com





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Updated October 31, 2017


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